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An award winning writer-director-producer, Ivana Massetti was born in Todi (Italy) and has lived and worked in Spain, France, Brazil, Africa, Argentina and now the US.

She began her career directing and producing music videos and continued in the film business.


She wrote her first film with the legendary Gerard Brach (Roman Polanski's longtime screenwriter) and collaborated with extraordinary talents such as Harvey Keitel, Andrej Konchalovski, José Louzeiro and Daisy De Galard.

Her film Nadro, about the artist-scholar Frédéric Bruly Bouabré, earned awards and high praise in film festivals all over the world. It is studied as an example of excellence in filmmaking at the University of Film and TV in Sidney, Australia.


She recently wrote the miniseries The Life of Luciano Pavarotti, for which she is also executive producer.

Ivana is also interested in, and has devoted her work to, spreading awareness about important issues such as Child Abuse, Violence against Women, Women's Rights and Gay Rights.

She is presently producing the Global TV/Digital Series Project "One Day in America", a portrait of the US through stories dealing with controversial issues such as guns, health, gay rights, women's rights, immigration, PTSD and the death penalty.

Her producing career includes film, television, music videos and commercials. She has worked on projects in North Africa, West Africa, Japan, Europe and the United States.


Ivana also mentors and teaches Screenwriting students for the program Qalambaaz (Pakistan).


She is the Founder & CEO of Women Occupy Hollywood. 

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